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My Name is Shaughna Phillips and I recently spent two weeks on work experience at whippersnappers. I didn’t really know what to expect when I turned up, but when I got there it was really welcoming. I worked with some of the staff and contributed in the workshops they run for children. I also helped on reception and did some research for their summer play-scheme. I have enjoyed my time here and I have learnt new skills such as working on computers and helping children.

By Shaughna Phillips.


My name is Ricardo and I have been doing my work experience at Whippersnappers. When I first got here I started off with very little knowledge about what I was going to be doing during my time here. I enjoyed working with children during workshops and assisting the workshop teachers. I also contributed to the designing of the new website. It was very good working at Whippersnappers, also the staff were very kind.

By Ricardo

My name is Lauren Stubbs and I did my work experience at whippersnappers. I enjoyed my time at whippersnappers as it taught me how to connect with children more and improve my drama skills. Working at whippersnappers is so much more than working with children for example it involves going out to workshops,filming, dancing etc.

Whippersnappers helped me to meet new people and I would definately like to do some more work with whippersnappers in the furture.

By Lauren Stubbs


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to learn about the world of work.

I learned so much over the week that I spent with you and the staff in Whippersnappers. You were so lovely and kind-hearted towards me, and made me feel so comfortable in the workplace. I learnt how to develop my communication skills; be creative and playful with young children, and I learnt how to be organised and committed when doing work especially when I had to advertise and produce the questionnaire for the parents. I believe that working with you & the staff really gave me a positive insight in working with children.

It was a nice surprise to see that being part of your organisation was so enjoyable. I enjoyed doing the general administrative work but I particularly enjoyed taking part in the workshops and after school clubs. I liked working with the children; looking after them, playing with them & teaching them. It was really great, and I thank you for giving me the chance to do it.

Being in your organisation has definitely motivated me to do work with children in the future, but I believe doing law is the right path for me. I thank you for giving me the chance to gain further experience with the children during the Summer Holidays; as I will definitely be doing voluntary work in the Summer Playscheme. I really enjoyed working with you, and I hope we stay in contact in the future.

By Odion Ohiwerei


Dear Caroline/Eboney

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having me here on work experience. It was an enjoyable experience and I learnt a lot from it, such as taking on big responsibilities and now to work as a team. I would like to give and show my appreciation to you and other employees like Yusuf, Uche, Tracey and Joko for all making me feel welcome I would love to work with Whippersnappers again in the near future.

Thank you & Yours Sincerely

By Stephanie Hall