Whippersnappers Fairyland 2018

Thanks to all the fairies, pixies and dragons who came to visit our Whippersnappers Fairyland immersive theatre experience this year.

The Christmas Tree fairy and elves are now busy getting everything ready for the big man in reds visit this December.

Tickets will be on sale for Whippersnappers Winter Wonderland from the end of September and Fairyland will be back next summer 2019.

About Whippersnappers Fairyland:

An inter-active theatrical experience for 3 – 7 years olds and their siblings.

Chidren are invited to explore the Wyld Woods, visit the pixie encampment, meet the Tooth Fairy, help Sugar Plum complete her daily baking challenge, sparkle with glittery face paint, take part in a theatrical production based on an Irish fairytale and go home with their very own fairy or dragon wings.

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On arrival our guests will be greeted with a delicious glass of Elderflower Cordial prepared by Master Dobbs’ team of sprites, refreshing you all before your very special Whippersnappers Fairyland Experience.

In small groups our guests will be taking part in a series of adventures – exploring the ‘Wyld Wood’, visiting the pixie encampment and helping Sugar Plum complete her daily baking challenge. A celebration of Fairy Folk Tale Magic completes the journey.

Knocking on the fairy door

Pixies and Faeries Make Believe – Dressing up – trying on pixie clothes and fairy wings in preparation…
If you are going into the Woodland today you will need to go in disguiseJadene and Sarah

– as Pixies and Faeries, with wings and wands you’re sure of a ‘tiny’ surprise…

Making a rainbow Fairy Wishing Cake

As rain drops and sunshine bring rainbows to Sugar Plum’s kitchen, help her keep the fairy gold safe from all those cheeky leprechauns in a very secret hiding place?!

Help Sugar Plum Fairy, Master Dobbs and all those busy kitchen sprites seal a Fairy Secret safe into each and every Magical Mushroom/Toadstool with a sprinkle of fairy magic. Here’s hoping the sprites can keep on top of all that washing up (they do like to play with water!)

In the Fairy Woodland Cabin meet our VSG – Very Special Guest – who promises to keep you all busy making your very own bag of ‘Sweet Dreams’ to tuck under your pillow

Taking part in our Woodland Fairyland Trail look out for miniature fairy worlds, pots of gold and natural seeds and herbs growing in the garden. From the ‘wee Scots Brownies’ down in the fairy glens to magical faerie rings and the natural seeds and herbs special to Faerie Folk. Help keep the golden coins hidden safe from the Leprechauns.

Elves means “mischievous little people”
The Whippersnapper shop will be open for fairy and pixie giftsFairy garlands

To book please visit http://whippersnappersfairyland.co.uk/