Policies and Procedures

Rules for Parents and Registered Children at Whippersnappers After School Club

The rules have been designed to ensure the club is a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

 1. Wherever possible Whippersnappers requests 24 hours notice for any change of pick up arrangements, in case of emergency call the WASC mobile  07879 536 881

2. The children must be collected by 6.30pm promptly. A charge of £5 per 10 minutes will be payable if parents/carers are late, to cover staffing overtime costs. If parents/carers are consistently late, then your child (ren)s place may be withdrawn.

3. Parents will be liable to pay fees for all booked sessions, whether or not the child attends. Sessions are booked per term. Should children stop attending the Club during a term for whatever reason a written notice of six weeks is required. If a 6 week written notice is not given you will be charged for an additional 6 weeks from the day you notify Whippersnappers of your child leaving.

4. Please familiarise yourself and your children with the club’s code of conduct rules.

5. Children are not allowed to leave the premises unless accompanied by their parents /carers or a playworker. Parents/carers collecting children must be named on the child’s registration form or verbal/ written permission given by the child’s parent / carer for any change of child pick up arrangements.

6. At times it may be possible to reserve a place on an occasional basis only. You must do this by arrangement with Club Managers on the previous day at the latest. Extra sessions are charged at the normal rate and must be paid at the end of the day as they will not have been included on your termly invoice.

7. The Club does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any money, toys, games or valuable items etc which children bring to the club. We will make every effort to care for items that a child has needed to bring from school, e.g. musical instruments. Please inform our WASC staff if there are specific days where your child will be bringing a valuable item from school.

8. Aggressive or abusive behaviour, physical or verbal, either to children or staff, is not tolerated. Any abusive or aggressive behaviour will be dealt with by our Whippersnappers disciplinary procedure.

9. Suspension: Whippersnappers have the right to impose immediate suspension of a child in the case of a sudden serious disciplinary problem. Contact will be made with parents/ carers as soon as possible so that the child can be collected from the Club premises.

10. Children and adults must show respect for and make proper use of all Whippersnapper property and equipment whilst attending the Club.

11. The Directors reserve the right to add to and/or alter these terms and conditions, and will notify parents/carers of any changes.