Degree Students Testimonial

Myrto Williams – Work Placement

During the final year of my BA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts I was offered a work placement with Whippersnappers CIC. Whippersnappers gave me the opportunity to participate and learn from a variety of activities, such as the afterschool club, elders club, special educational needs (SEN) fun days and prop making.

Being an assistant art tutor and play worker in the afterschool club was the most challenging aspect of my work placement, but also the most rewarding. I gained experience in how to plan and run workshops and learnt the importance of keeping a child engaged, as well as helping them to express themselves through creative means.
I was also involved in prop making. This part of my work placement reminded me how much I enjoy 3D work and my artwork has since become more tactile. An example of this is the use of textiles in one of my final degree projects.

The work placement really helped me to develop as a person, due to the wide and diverse range of people I was working with. Working with children on the autistic spectrum and children with profound and complex special needs has really built up my confidence: whereas before I might have been a bit scared of their reaction and unsure of how to approach them, I now feel I can support them better.

My work placement has had a big impact on my future career choices and has given me more clarity and a stronger sense of direction. Since my degree I have continued to work with Whippersnappers and other arts organisations supporting children and young people gaining more experience in delivering workshops and events.

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