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Whippersnappers Underfives music workshops at your Location


Whippersnappers were founded in 1994 and have  been delivering underfives music workshops London wide for over  20 years. Our underfives music workshops aim to be inclusive,  inter – active   vibrant  and welcoming. We employ a wide range of tutors and percussionist from diverse backgrounds to deliver our 40 different themed workshops. Examples of themes include West African, Toys, Americas, My Body, Oriental, Bears, Caribbean, Animals, Numbers and Letters, Sunshine & Rain, Birds, Mini-beasts, Feelings etc.


Examples of how we engage families from diverse backgrounds:


Within the themes we encourage the use of different languages, eg in Around the world we say hello in as many languages as possible using languages spoken within the group. This helps people within the group to get to know each other and celebrate their cultural backgrounds.

In numbers and letters we use signs for each letter of the alphabet, encouraging use of signing and makaton this also helps our classes to be more inclusive for young children with special needs. We also teach parents to sign songs in Makaton .

The drumming section in the weekly sessions  often engages children who may not be communicating clearly in other ways yet.  We  invite people to demonstrate rhythms from their own countries and this particularly works well with parents of African, Caribbean and Asian backgrounds. Drumming is also a great way to include the Dads.

When we are bringing a male percussionist we respect the Muslim faith and notify the women the week prior in case they do not want to attend.

We have a strong company ethos and work together as a team to ensure that we maintain quality and stay in touch with the needs of the famililies attending our sessions.

How do our workshops embrace the every child matters outcomes?

Being Healthy

Our sessions are full of activity and exercise for the children and the parents. At least one song every week requires all present to be up and their feet, dancing and exercising together.

We always include a wide selection of songs around the topic of food and healthy eating.

Our workshops are lively and up lifting and aim to energise both parents and children through actively encouraging them to participate throughout the session.

Enjoy and Achieve

The children at our sessions participate in songs, percussion, movement and role play. They have a great time, playing and joining in whilst learning at the same time. Many of our songs are educational with regard to numbers colours weather and vocabulary amongst other thing.

The children receive positive feedback throughout the sessions for their contributions and therefore gain a sense of achievement.

The children are being prepared for reception by learning to take turns in the session. They also learn to develop their social skills in a large group, thus preparing them for reception class at school.

Achieve economic well-being

We are currently recruiting at whippersnappers so the tutors have been notifying parents in the hope we might be able to recruit within each locality we deliver in. Whippersnappers are committed to recruiting local people and to providing more jobs for lone parents and famililies on low income.

We cover the early learning goals within our workshops. We use props to help visualise the learning experience. I.e “ 5 currant buns in a bakers shop” is acted out with one child collecting the money and another playing the part of the baker and 5 children get to be customers.

This song covers early learning goals in numeracy using vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting but makes it fun and accessible for pre school children

Through the workshops we deliver we prepare children for school. Research shows that : how children settle into their Reception class, can determine how well they do academically later in life.

Stay Safe

We teach road safety in our transport workshop in the form of the traffic light song.

We highlight parenting health and safety issues during the sessions and help to build parents awareness.

We also observe children and parents during the sessions and raise awareness to the necessary professionals when we have cause for concern. All our staff are trained in child protection and are CRB enhanced checked.

Make a Positive Contribution

The parents and children always join in with our music sessions, drumming singing and dancing.


Feedback about our workshops from parents and carers


  • “The blend of singing and energy to get parents and children involved is great. My son is totally captivated and always sings and dances at home after Whippersnappers. He loves the drums!
  • “Whippersnappers are top quality and special in the way they deliver and reach/touch individual children’s needs through an integrated music/dance/drama/story/ life skills bag of tricks!
  • “These sessions are very beneficial for the children teaching them to express themselves and build up their confidence. These sessions should be increased. (They are always well attended)
  • “It’s very fun for my daughter and for me too. We also look forward to it every Tuesday
  • “This is a brilliant group. Katherine is absolutely brilliant. She is really energetic and manages to get my shy daughter dancing. Christian is also very good, and motivating with the kids.
  • “Whippersnappers is such a brilliant group. My daughter gets so much out of it. She learns to participate, dance, sing and rhythm… Thanks
  • “My daughter really enjoys this music group, it brings her lots of fun and development. Also Katherine and Christian are very entertaining.
  • “Excellent for parents and kids
  • “It’s such a lovely and friendly place to be and the children love it too.
  • “Whippersnappers is fantastic. Thank you
  • “Fantastic music group, which my daughter gets so much out of!
  • “My daughter loves the Whippersnappers ritual it works for her!