Christmas Entertainment 2011

Inter-active Christmas workshops/performances
45 mins / 1 hour of action packed Christmas entertainment. Lots of Christmas songs with theatrical props and dressing up. The children get to build a snowman and enjoy lots of Christmas festivity. We are also able to provide a Santa to give out your presents at the end the  workshop.

The Night Christmas was Cancelled(Suitable for 3yrs+)
Katherine is due for another hot Caribbean Christmas. But this year she’s dreaming of a white Christmas, sleighs, toboggans and snowmen. With Calypso style Christmas songs, a Christmas cape, boots and gloves Santa sends her a magic sleigh that transports her to France. Things aren’t as festive as she had hoped in the Alps. The King is lonely and miserable and decides to cancel Christmas. How can katherine cheer him up and get Christmas back on?

The children build a snowman, join in with Christmas songs and meet a friendly Santa.

Suitable for nursery, reception, infants and large audiences.