The Max Boomgaarden Cook Foundation II


Max had attended Whippersnappers from the age of four years. He had been  one of our first under fives music pupils. As a  talented acrobat he had performed at our Whippersnapper Pickny Beat Days  and as a Mini Rasta Santa Acrobat in several of our Rasta Santa Christmas Theatre Productions. Max had enjoyed swimming and attending  events at The Brockwell Lido all his life and had since summer 2010, been working part time at The Lido as a Life Guard.

Max will be greatly missed and always remembered by everyone at Whippersnappers and Brockwell lido.

Whippersnappers aim to provide a diverse cultural platform from which children and adults of all ages, needs and backgrounds can express and educate themselves through music, sports and the arts.

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Lambeth Cricket Academy


Max loved and excelled at cricket, which he first played as a small boy with the Sudbourne school’s cricket coach, Tony Moody. Like many local kids Max found Tony an inspirational teacher and his experiences with the cricket team helped engender a love of participating in team sport.

Tony is still encouraging local kids to express themselves through cricket. To this end he has established The Lambeth Cricket Academy through which he aims to spread his gospel of growth and fulfilment through the playing of cricket to even more generations of Lambeth youth.

Your kind donation will help Tony realise his dream of building a ground and pavilion as a permanent home for The Lambeth Cricket Academy in Kennington Park.

Tony has been nominated to carry the Olympic Torch for part of its journey through London, and to give you an idea of his work, here is the piece written about him for the nomination shortlist:

“Jamaican born Tony Moody, 57, is a school governor, role model, father-figure and social visionary, who has been coaching cricket in South London for over 30 years. Through the foundation of his  Lambeth Cricket Academy; his cricket coaching in local schools; his free weekend cricket classes in Brixton; his community cricket ground in Kennington; his funded, exciting trips, taking inner city kids to Arundel and other county cricket grounds; and, through his own invention, the dynamic, child-friendly cricket based game Catchy Shubby, he has worked tirelessly to use the spirit and ethos of cricket to transform the lives of urban children.


Tony has enabled many disadvantaged youngsters to become proud of themselves and their area and to progress to higher levels of the game for which he has been recognised by the national press, the MCC and a Lambeth Civic Award.


Tony’s coaching and mentoring with his loving, calm, no-nonsense approach motivates and suits girls and boys of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. For some he is a saviour, for all he is an inspiration.


If we could bottle and export Tony Moody, the world would be a better place.”

Our Mission Statement
Whippersnappers aim to provide a diverse cultural platform from which children and adults of all ages, needs and backgrounds can express and educate themselves through music, sports and the arts.

Our History

Whippersnappers were founded in 1994 when Caroline Burghard a professional actress and mime artist teamed up with Kirk Service an established R&B and Reggae artist. For the past 16 years the company has been based in The Brockwell Lido building in Brockwell Park, Brixton and deliver London wide, nationally and internationally.

We began by providing Whippersnapper music classes for the under fives and in 1997 we created our own style of music called “Pickny Beat”. Over the years we have diversified and now provide music, sport and arts projects for people of all ages, needs and backgrounds. We are a vibrant multi cultural company with over 30 staff working closely as a cohesive team. We are also proud to be a community Interest Company investing all our profits back into our company and being driven by our social aims and objectives.

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