Easter Show – Chicken and Egg

Bonny Bonnet hasn’t got any Easter Eggs in her basket and she’s looking for a hen to lay  some for her. She meets  Henny Penny who gets busy laying eggs. Henny penny’s not keen on selling her eggs in the market because they are only for her friends and family. The children help her to wrap her eggs in shiny paper and they count them. It’s not long before the eggs start disappearing. Henny Penny is all of a flutter and the only thing that distracts her is when she meets a very handsome Charlie Crow on her way to church with Sister Edna. Charlie Crow offers to catch the egg thief and Henny Penny invites him round for worm stew and slugs and cream.

Live music and percussion and lots of inter-action.

This show was devised and performed for The Horniman Museum’s Easter weekend entertainment 2007.