WASC Children/Parent Feedback

Children’s Feedback

I like the Jolly Foresters (Micah, 7)

I like finding stuff in the woods (Albert, 5)

I like hot chocolate and collecting things (Maxi, 6)

I like eating marshmallows (Maks, 6)

I like digging holes (Oscar, 4)

I like food like chicken nuggets (Tom, 4)

I like being friends with Micah (Tobin, 7)

I like when we go outside (Georgia, 7)

I like being with Ajah and Kai-Rhysha (Robyn, 9)

I like everything about College Lodge like the garden, bouncy castle, upstairs and dressing up (Kai-Rhys, 5)

I like playing football (Kiyonari, 8)

Parent’s Feedback

The staff are nice but firm when necessary. Whippersnappers is caring and inclusive (Sonia Butler)

Very happy staff – pleased to see the children. My two love it! (Alex Creed)

We like the free play/choice available for kids to decide what they would like to do. The space is great too. Staff are friendly and approachable and my daughter also enjoys meeting other children from different schools and playing with younger children (Amber Brierley)

We are so thrilled to have found Forest School at Whippersnappers. Makes the after school week bearable for our son. Just wish it was more than one day! (Meg Ellis)

We like that it is a caring and inclusive club with dedicated and competent staff. (Rebekah Johnson)

We like the inclusiveness and engagement with children (Collette Wilson)

Whippersnappers focus on developing children’s skills. My daughter has been focused lately on slime activities which she learnt at Whippersnappers. (Ama Evelyne Assamou)

My daughter really enjoys coming to Whippersnappers. It has actually made her more confident, social and fit (during the acrobatics classes on Tuesdays) (Selena Hayles)

We like that Whippersnappers is fun and structured with outside and independent play. We also like the appreciation of nature and craft activity (Annie Bicknell)