Policies and Procedures


(A full copy of our Whippersnapper safeguarding policy can be found in our Annex section)

All people interacting with or developing services for children, young people and vulnerable adult’s on behalf of Whippersnappers will be known as ‘workers’ for the purpose of this document.  The term ‘workers’ includes paid staff, volunteers, session workers,  the management committee and anybody working with children and young people on behalf of Whippersnappers.

Policy Statement

Work with children, young people and vulnerable adult’s carries responsibility.

It is every adult’s, who is connected to Whippersnappers, responsibility to prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of children and vulnerable adult’s and to report any suspected or actual abuse that comes to their attention.

Computers and Mobile Phones

  • All computers used by the Whippersnappers project must be in plain view of workers at all times and vigilantly supervised.
  • The project leader will check that suitable firewalls have been installed prior commencing/hosting events.
  • All staff and volunteers are not allowed to use their mobile phones when children are on premises. Phones must be kept in the back office. If you need to take a personal call, you should use back office and if you are expecting an emergency call, you can provide Whippersnappers landline number.
  • Parents/carers are not to use their mobile phones for texting, making calls or taking pictures on our premises when they come to pick up children. If parents need to use their phone in an emergency, they can use back office or the area outside of Whippersnappers premises.
  • On school pick-ups and trips out, mobile phones should be used only for emergency calls and pictures can be taken only by senior members of staff when they inform another senior member of staff. All the pictures taken by them have to be transferred onto Z Drive as soon as possible and photos deleted from personal phones.
  • Any photos taken by Whippersnappers will have parents’ consent form signed and will be stored on a Z Drive. Pictures can be taken on show days/events, art, sports and other activities.



Whippersnappers will keep observations on children if there are any concerns or disclosures regarding child’s emotional, physical wellbeing, neglect or sexual abuse allegations. Whippersnappers will contact Social Services if any of the concerns mentioned above occurs and are obliged to liaise with Social Services by providing observations/reports and attending meetings if required.

A Copy of our safeguarding policy is in the annex.

Parents/Carers wishing to report bullying

Parent/Carers are encouraged to talk to any member of staff if they have concerns regarding their child. Parents can also ask for a meeting in with the Manager

All reported incidents will be fully investigated within a reasonable period of time. It is important to understand that good practice in investigating incidents recognises that time needs to be set aside to ensure that children involved do not have time to collaborate their stories. Any investigation needs to be done in a manner which ensures the target of the bullying feels safe about the process and the outcomes which may result from it.

Ultimately we wish to ensure that parents/carers have confidence that staff will act promptly, take the concern seriously and not take action which makes the situation worse.

Incidents will be recorded on a bullying log which details the types of bullying, the length of time it has been happening, the sanctions applied for the behaviour, the agreed way of monitoring the outcomes and the involvement and notice to the bullying students’ parents/carers.

This information will be entered onto the student’s behaviour record.

Health and Safety at Whippersnappers

 Health and Safety issues are serious ones. Whippersnappers provide all Public Liability Insurance for PAYE employees or volunteers.

  • Any event, which is not authorized by Whippersnappers, will not be insured. All freelance tutors must take out their own public liability policy.
  • Accidents happen and however small, they must be recorded in our accident book, (Located in Reception), as we never know when an accident may become more serious after the event. A clear and concise note of the event needs to be recorded. If you are ever in any doubt always seek medical advice. RIDDOR forms must be completed within 24 hours of an accident if the child / adult is admitted to Hospital.
  • Every tutor has to make sure the area the work in is “Child friendly”.
  • Joko Coker is currently the Health & Safety officer for Whippersnappers and any problems or concerns should be taken directly to him. However if he is unavailable and there is an emergency the following information will help you take appropriate action.

Medical Information

Whippersnappers Medical procedure

In order for your child to be administered any medication at Whippersnappers a Parental Agreement form is required to be completed by the parent/ carer and handed in with the medication.  If there are any subsequent changes in medicines or doses to be given, it is the parents/carers responsibility to notify Whippersnappers immediately.  All doses given during your child’s time at Whippersnappers will be recorded on a Whippersnappers Medicine Record Sheet.

Please note that any prescribed medicines must be supplied to Whippersnappers in a container, clearly labelled (by the pharmacist) with the name of the medicine, full instructions for use, expiry date and the name of the child/ young person. If syringes and epi pens are removed from their original labelled box then you must ask the pharmacy to label them individually. When supporting children who have a disability or additional needs medications will be administered by the school Nurse, an Agency Nurse, your child’s personal carer if supplied by an agency and they are competency trained or a suitably trained member of Whippersnapper staff. Children’s/young people’s Care Plans will be adhered to at all times. Any non-prescribed medicine should be in the original container bearing the manufacturer’s instructions/guidelines. Whippersnappers maintain the right to refuse to administer any non-prescribed medicines if they have any reason for concern. Parents and Carers will be advised immediately and consulted on alternative arrangements.


  • Whippersnappers are on the Ofsted Compulsory Register
  • Due to our Ofsted registration and that we are not on the early years register, children must have turned 5 by the 31st of August of the previous academic year
  • The club will follow Ofsted standards at all times. Our policies and procedures are enclosed in this handbook.

Should you wish to contact Ofsted, please call: 0300 123 1231

 Our Ofsted Registration Number is: EY403575

Parent / Carer Complaints Procedure

  • Stage 1. Initial contact verbally with the manager (Yusuf Jama) or request a complaints form from reception or via email.
  • Stage 2. Whippersnappers will aim to reply to complaint via phone call or email within 48 hours. If the issue is unresolved; the complainant should contact Whippersnappers director Caroline Burghard verbally or in writing cburghard@whippersnappers.org
  • Stage 3. If the complaint is unable to be resolved via phone or email, the manager will arrange a formal meeting