African Diaspora

The play called African Diaspora is seen through the eyes of a young man whose parents are from the Caribbean, who travels through time from the imperial riches of Ancient Africa, to the present 21st century. On his journey we witness a taste of Africa before and during slavery, freedom fighters, inventors, and men and women of outstanding achievement. The play is interactive and participatory-based, and utilizes music, African drumming, singing, rap and dramatic acting.

The play promotes issues that are part of the Citizenship area of the curriculum, particularly self awareness, self esteem, confidence and an awareness of, and respect for different cultures.

African Diaspora is designed for Young people in secondary education and sixth form colleges and university and is offered with an optional one-hour interactive workshop, where young people can explore the citizenship issues raised in the play, using both drama and music resources.


Live acrobatics and drumming performances/workshops also available for Black History month.

Please read some of the many reviews that we collaborated from people who have watched ‘African Diaspora’:
“We all agreed that the whole thing was absolutely superb. The content was spot on and the time travel element of going back to the 18th Century and then into modern day was brilliant, very relevant and well executed. It was all pitched at just the right level. The performers were great, the lady in the top hat , playing the slave trade administrator got lots of compliments on her performance and general stage presence. I particularly liked the mention given to other prominent figures such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King , especially his speech , which always gives me goosebumps. The rapper was great, the whole thing was really really superb, thank you so much. I did drama at University and took part in a lot of Theatre in education stuff and that was absolutely spot on, it was one of the best pieces I’ve seen.
Shoshana Alavi – Primary Teacher /Goodrich School.

Price: £800. Call 0207 738 6633 for Booking