The Story Of The Giant Rice Cake

This traditional tale is a Japanese new year story about an elderly man and his wife making hats to sell in the market. They want to make enough money to buy rice cakes for their New Year Celebration. One New Years Eve  the elderly man is on his  way back from the market when there is a great snow storm and he meets the  the snow statues of Jizo (Protectors of all children)

Dragon and Peacock

In ancient times in China the peacock had horns and was very beautiful. One day Dragon saw peacock by the river and asked peacock if he could borrow her horns to parade with them at the Chinese New Year Celebration. Peacock wasn’t keen at first but the Carp Fish in the river persuaded her. Once Peacock had handed over her beautiful horns Dragon started to enjoy wearing them and attracted much attention from the Emperor and all the guests at The Palace. Dragon got so used to her new found glory that she wasn’t willing to hand the horns back. Who should keep the horns dragon or peacock? Lets let the audience decide.

Po Ya and The Foxes

Po Ya was blind and what she wished more than anything was to be able to see. One day her Grandmother told her to go into the forest and find the foxes for if they licked her eyes she would be able to see again. Po Ya set off on her journey where she met a tiger and was tricked by the foxes who she thought were her friends.

How Each Chinese Year Took The Name Of An Animal FunDay-756

A short inter — active story about the race of the Chinese animals. The results of the race made the order of the twelve Chinese years.

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