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Whippersnappers reincarnate Anancy and traditional Ghanaian stories through narration, puppetry, song, dance and audience participation. These educational and entertaining theatre shows will teach children about traditional Ghanaian culture, history, geography and language.

Audience participation is actively encouraged and children will have the opportunity to try their hands at traditional Ghanaian singing, drumming and dancing.

The shows can be adapted to cater for nursery, infants and junior pupils and can be booked for a half or full day.

Adjwoa and the Magic Ring

This show successfully premiered at the Horniman museum on 18th August 2006 as part of their CaribFest. In AshantiLand, in the old days, whenever mischief was done people would always say “if it isn’t one thing, if it isn’t two things, it’s ANANCY!”

Once upon a time. Anancy lived by the River, and on the other side of the river lived a lonely woman named Yaa. One day Yaa asked the river to give her a daughter. The river agreed to make Yaa’s wish come true but he gurgled ‘You shall indeed have a daughter, but she will not like to work she will only like to spend your money. However one day she will repay you.’

Meet Yaa’s daughter Adjwoa and follow her adventure as she meets a cat, a dog, a magic dove and of course that trickster Anancy. Suitable for reception, infants and juniors.

Fantastic! Interactive, entertaining ,captivating. A great afternoon.” – Marianne Porter from Primrose Hill Primary School.

“Fantastic performance – the artists were able to adapt the content to reach the needs at all attending pupils – these varied from 5 yr old SEN pupils through to eleven year old main stream pupils, Many thanks.” Carole Flynn — Assistant Head Teacher — The Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond St.

The Leopard and The Drum

Osebo the Leopard had the biggest and loudest drum in the whole of the rain forest. He was the envy of all the other animals but the only problem was that he wouldn’t let any one have a go on his drum not even Nyame the sky god.

Who will bring Nyame the Sky God Osebo’s big and loud drum? Will it be the elephant, monkey, snake or tortoise? Suitable for nursery, reception and infants.

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