Buddy Club

Funded by BBC Children in Need

Whippersnappers are been funded by BBC Children in Need to provide a therapeutic setting for children with additional needs. Buddy club gives children an opportunity to make new friends, interact with their peers and learn to express their emotions within a group setting. The group is open to children living in the borough of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham and referrals can be made by parents, carers and social workers. For more information check out SEND Local Offer.
Buddy Club is available on;


Specialist Setting
Group Drama Therapy

This session is run by Shereene Canregie a profession drama therapist. Children explore their feelings and emotions through sensory stories, musical games and role play. We have fun with bubbles, parachutes, dressing up, musical instruments and objects of references.


Specialist Setting
Group Art  Therapy

This session is run by Sarah Goodall, she has recently completed her MA in Drama Therapy at Goldsmith University. The group therapy takes places in our Log Cabin and outside in the garden at College Lodge. Children are encouraged to explore a range of different art materials leading them to self-lead expression of feelings and emotions. Activities include; messy play, painting, clay work, drawing.