Gong Bath Sound Sanctuary

Brockwell Lido
Tuesday’s at 7pm – 14th & 28th June, 12th & 28th July and 9th August

Join Alicia Marianne Davies for a deliciously relaxing Gong Bath Sound Sanctuary with guided meditation. It’s the perfect remedy for burn-out and overwhelms; a place where you can allow soothing and transformative sounds and frequencies to wash over and through you. There’s nothing for you to do except turn up, lie down and chill out.

In times of external chaos and change, maintaining a state of inner peace can be challenging. There are many tools for tapping into it, however, and meditating with sound is one of the most effective. An organic, non-rhythmic soundscape of frequencies gives the mind nothing to latch onto, causing the relaxation response to be swiftly activated. The powerful vibrations of Planet gongs vibrate every cell of the body, and many people, after a gong and meditation session, report feeling as if they have just woken from a really good sleep.  

So if you’re feeling the need for some ‘me-time’, book yourself a ticket and come and see why there’s so much noise about gong bathing – even in the mainstream media. Your gong bath host is Alicia Marianne Davies. 

Must Know

Time – 7pm till 8.30pm

Location – Whippersnappers, Brockwell Lido, Dulwich Rd, London SE24 0PA

Cost – £20 in house. Concessions are available – please ask.

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